There’s an old Johnny Cash song that goes “how high is the water mama? 10 feet high and rising.” As the song progresses, the water levels (in the song) rise. As Fargo goes into flood mode, that song always plays in the back of my mind.

We officially hit flood stage somewhere during the night last Friday into Saturday. On Sunday, I walked the dog, where I could, in Lindenwood Park along the river.  The channel is open and water is clearly spilling out of the banks. There is still plenty of snow to melt yet. Here are some pictures I took yesterday. The water level was probably around 21 feet high yesterday, as of this writing, the water level is at 24.6 feet (and rising). Click on a picture for the full size image.

After walking through the park, I stopped at Jackie’s house, (she lives right on the river) to see how things are progressing. Her back yard is cleared of snow and ready for sandbagging. No word yet on when that will take place. She said you can visibly see the river rising hour by hour. I can only imagine how nerve wracking that must be for her. We’ll be ready to help sandbag when the time comes.

If anyone is interested, there is a website dedicated to the flood you can check out. The Forum also has a blog dedicated to the flood watch that you can also read.

Water is now at 24.72 feet–and rising