On Monday, May 31, Mike and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! After mulling over the possibilities of vacations, we decided to spend the week at our lake cabin in Minnesota. Although we have had this cabin for many years, (20??? can’t remember exactly), we have never taken our cats out there. This is due mostly to the fact that one cat is afraid of anything and everything and the other cat can’t stand to be in the car. I loaded up the cats (in separate kennels), along with the dog and all our stuff for the week in my truck. Michael decided to drive his motorcycle. He was not going to listen to kitty screams for an hour and they were loud. I just turned the music up louder. The dog panted and drooled over my shoulder.

Surviving the ride down, we had a mostly pleasant week at the lake. The cats took a couple of nights to settle down instead of pacing all night. Mike and I took turns those first 2 nights sleeping on the main level to keep them quiet. Then we fell into a routine and all was well.  Casper found a hidey hole to crawl into and Lucas loved being outdoors–he became a dragon fly slayer. Well sort of, he mostly practiced catch and release.

We did travel one day. We went to the Minnesota Fishing Museum in Little Falls. It was a fun day to go for a ride. Michael did get some painting done on our shed, but mostly it was a relaxing, enjoy yourself (and the weather) kind of week.