I have joined an online quilt challenge for 20 10. Every other month we will be given a word as inspiration for a quilt. The quilt can be any size, traditional or an art quilt. Quilters world wide have joined the challenge. There is a blog where participants can post their progress, or lack of progress as the case may be. At the end of the second month we will post our finished product. By the end of the year 6 quilts should be completed.

The word given for the first challenge is PUZZLE. The word can be used as an actual physical puzzle, or a puzzling problem, situation etc. Wel…l after thinking about it, (I’ve had a month already), and putting it on the “back burner” many times I’ve decided to use my cat, Casper as inspiration. Casper was found at the lake as a kitten, but he has maintained a feral personality. He truely is a puzzle to us. We will never be able to figure him out, just love him. Most people who come to our house don’t believe he exists because he hides from everyone but a chosen few whom he trusts.

I am using a technique I learned in art classes in college for making a type of abstract piece. I have taken a picture of Casper, then drew a grid over the top of it.

Next I took a larger piece of paper and filled it with random size squares equal to the number of squares in the original grid. Whatever was in grid #1 I drew on my larger paper. Since the larger paper has random size squares, it creates a type of abstract piece of art. Next I will transfer the new drawing to fabric.

This has turned my picture of Casper into a freakish, odd, well should I just say, puzzle? I’m not entirely sure I like the composition, but I’ll stick with it.