I have finished quilting my shadow trapunto project. The finished size is 17×17. I was trying to decide whether to bind it or put a facing on it. There isn’t enough of the background fabric to create a binding. Luckily, I have a second piece of dyed fabric that is close to this, that I can use. Will try to get the binding done over the weekend.

quilting finished on the shadow trapunto piece

I used thread from Metro Embroidery on the top and Super Bobs from Superior Threads in the bobbin. This is an inexpensive thread (in the top) that I purchased a couple of months ago just-to-try. I purchased the thread thinking I would use it in my domestic machine. But, as this was a test piece I decided to test the thread, as well as the technique. I used a light gray on the outside of the pattern and a dark red on the inside of the pattern.  I only had one break. At that point, I stopped the machine, rethreaded and oiled and everything moved along smoothly after that. I would definitely use this thread again.

On a different note, I had a dream last night about thread. In my dream I developed a thread through a long drawn out process of negatively charged ions, protons, and neutrons. The great thing about this thread was–it would light up in different colors without having to be plugged into anything. Can you just imagine the kind of quilts we could make with thread that lights up??  Maybe if I were really a scientist I could invent something. But in this lifetime I’m having fun dreaming about it!!!