This fall I also participated in what is called a fractured quilt challenge. There are 40 artists in this challenge from all over the country. The group moderator sent each of us photos of a flower that was divided into 4 uneven parts. When the parts are put together, they make a whole flower that is 20 inches square. Each of us interprets the pieces in our own style, making 4 separate pieces that equal in size to the 4 photos. We then send our pieces back to the moderator. She takes the pieces she has received from all 40 people and shuffles them and sends them back to us. What I will receive is a piece of artwork by 4 different artists and not one of those pieces will be my own. I should get my new pieces at the beginning of January. We then have until the end of February to quilt the pieces in the manner of our choosing. We get to keep the art piece we have received but send pictures back to the moderator to be put on a website so we can all see what the end results look like.
Here are pictures of my fractured flower. I used commercial fabrics, hand dyed fabrics, and a fabric I made of tiny scraps, and also hand painted the petals

Fabrics put together on one section

Closeup of fabric petal
One section finished with thread painting
Thread painting closeup of inner petal
Thread painting closeup of outer petal

All 4 section (fractures) finished and ready to send away for the swap