The challenge for guild members this is was:

1. Make a quilt from your favorite color. You may use other colors, but the dominant color must be recognizable.

2. The quilt cannot be square. It can be any other shape-round, hexagon, rectangle etc.

I took a photo looking up at a tree. Then, I tweaked my photo using Photoshop filters. This modified photo is what I used as a basis for my quilt design. I hand painted the tree using a variety of textile/fabric paints. Next I quilted the piece using my Viking machine and several different colors of polyester thread. I cut out some shapes in the tree to simulate where the light would have shone through. I finished the edge with 2 colors of zigzag stitching. It measures approximately 18″x22.”  I finished it just in time to enter it into our local Indian Summer Quilt Show.

Click on view PicLens to see a slideshow of the quilt