Posted on April 28 is the beginning part of my challenge.  As I left off, I had painted my tombstones and was ready to quilt them.  I will be using black thread to give the look of a sketched painting. I solved the challenge of drawing these lines by first creating a drawing from the enlarged photo onto tracing paper. I pinned the tracing paper on top of the quilt and quilted over the lines I had drawn. This worked great–except I did spend some time picking out the pieces of paper. I’m also sure this isn’t the best thing for your needle.

loaded on the frame, some lines quilted

Picking pieces of tracing paper off the quilt

Once I had all the lines quilted and all the tracing paper picked off, I emphasized the quilting lines. I did this my creating heavier lines of quilting in some areas.  The following are pictures showing the bricks partially highlighted, then one of the tombstones highlighted. You can really notice a difference in the tombstone with the heavier quilting line.

some bricks showing heavy quilting lines

quilting emphasized on one tombstone

I continued to rework the lines on the piece, creating a depth. However, when I finished, I felt it still needed something more. So I went back to the studio and repainted some areas.  I used Setacolor and Jaquard Textile paints. Repainting certain areas gave me the highlights and depth I was trying to obtain.

My piece is now finished, except for the mounting. I will mount it on stretcher strips at a later date. Here is the finished piece and a couple of closeups.

finished piece

closeup of the bricks

closeup of the bottom