I took a class on fabric portraits on the web through Quilt University last fall.
During the winter I worked on, and finished the project (Yeah!) I’m finally getting around to posting it to my blog. I was pleased at how well it turned out for my first effort. I found a photo of a friend of mine, Carol. It was taken during the winter when she was wearing a coat with a big fake fur collar.
Using the enlarged picture (11×17 size) tracing paper was laid on top of it and I traced the photo to create a pattern.

Face is pieced.

Partial face next to photo

This involved cutting and recutting lots of little pieces of fabric. I also made several trips to the fabric store. In the end, I couldn’t find just what I wanted for some of the fur collar so I dyed some fabric to get what I wanted there (bottom right corner) Here is a picture of all the piece put together before quilting.

All the pieces put together before sewing

I added some thread details–called thread painting

Thread painting for the 1st time

Next I added my batting (the middle part of the quilt sandwich) and the backing. Then I did a few more layers of thread painting. Here is a picture of the thread painting and a closeup of the face.

Additional layers of thread painting

Will post a picture of the finished and mounted piece as soon as I take a picture of it.