I have finished my first challenge quilt for 2010. If you have read my previous post, you will remember I used my cat Casper as the subject. He is a white cat with black spots. I chose to portray him in blue colors. I made a parfait dye of 4 fat quarters in blue for this piece. He also has pink highlights around his ears, eyes and nose with green eyes. I am keeping those colors while the rest of Casper will be shades of blue.

As I was watching the Olympics in the evenings I cut out all the small pieces with steam-a- seam (a fusible web) behind the pieces. I used a white muslin as my base, then placed all the cut pieces on it according to my drawing. Here is a picture of all the pieces put together:

Casper in Blue pieces together

Next I fused the pieces to the muslin base. Then I picked a piece of fabric that I had snow dyed this winter as the background. I carefully cut away the white muslin that was showing and attached the blue cat to the background.

Casper attached to the background fabric

The next step was to quilt the piece. I was trying to decide whether to stitch-in-the-ditch around each square or try to see the work as a whole, quilting it as if it was not disjointed. In the end, I did a little bit of both. Where the areas of color flowed into the next block, I treated it as one area. In other places I stitched around the block to attach it to something. When finished quilting, I put a facing around the quilt instead of a binding. The finished size is 19×17 (inches)

finished Casper in Blue II

In the end I like the way this piece turned out. It gives my cat a freaky, odd look. Which to know Casper, it fits his personality–odd and well, just plain puzzling at times. I have often said he has the personality of someone with Asberger’s Syndrome. But to know him is to love him (and I do).

As always, you can click on any picture to see a bigger version.