I have also been doing some fabric dyeing this summer. I have to do a lot more dyeing to get complete control of the colors I want. But in the meantime I’m having fun trying different things. Here are a few pics

Then I mixed all the colors together and I got this one. I liked the way it turned out, but will never be able to duplicate it. I have to find a special project for it. It reminds me of feathers in an Indian headdress.

I’ve also been doing rust dyeing. I learned that if you add tannins to the material it reacts with the rust to turn shades of gray and black. This looked better when wet. When dry, it is hard to see the grays. I used tea as a tannin, I think I need to find something stronger. I was also playing with discharging black fabric using bleach. That didn’t turn out the way I planned either, but it’s still a usable fabric. Unfortunately in my enthusiasm I forgot to wear an apron and I now have bleach stains on a favorite pair of shorts. Guess they are work shorts now.