I belong to The Red River Machines Quilters Guild. As a group project, we each made the same quilt, but used different quilting styles and different battings. The completed quilt is 40×40. It is made up of 4 inch squares. First of all, I am not the greatest piecer in the world. I tried my best to keep everything square, but in the end it was a little wonky.
The style of quilting I chose is Patsy Thompson’s Hyper Quilting and I used silk batting. The first thing I did was create the base feathers in a blue color.

feathers quilted in blue

The next step was to quilt inside the feathers. I decided to do a few lines to create the look of veins inside the feathers using a yellow thread.

Yellow thread added to the feathers

The next bit of quilting involved using a third color of thread and going around the feathers with curly vines and leaves. Overall this creates a kind of “over-the-top” type of quilting.

curly vines added

By the time I was finished with this quilt, it was no longer holding my attention. It was a bit wonky, I accidentally ripped a small hole in it (the extra quilting did cover this) and my thread did not want to play nice with several of the heavier batik pieces. In the end, I feel this was too much quilting for this piece.  But that is the point of creating this type of quilt show. This way people can see what to do, or as in my case, what not to do. All in all, I have chalked this up to another learning experience.

finished close up

finished quilt