It’s been a cold week up here in Fargo, ND, my home town. Don’t quote me, but I’m not sure if the temperatures even got above zero this week. I have been wearing long underwear all week & it feels good. So what do we do when it’s cold here? Why quilt, of course. I’ve been toying with the idea of making quillows to sell. This would be a lap sized quilt that folds into a pillow.

So I went into the basement to work on a quilt top. Took my digital kitchen thermometer along. It clocked 52 degrees. Time to plug in the space heater. Once I warmed up, I started cutting 6 inch square from my fabric stash. I sewed the squares into a 9 patch block. Then I cut the block into 4 equal squares (well they would be equal if my piecing was better, but you get the idea). Next I rearranged the squares and sewed those together to make a quilt top that looks more complicated than it really is.  The final phase will be the quilting, but that will have to wait until another day.

Here are some pictures of my progress