The quilting is done on a Prodigy stitch-regulated longarm machine. Design and patterns are completely hand-guided. Your quilt’s stitching is uniquely tailored to your design, without the generic use of computers or pantos.  This enables the quilting to better match your piecework design and account for specific elements of your quilt such as embroidery or photo transfers.
Call to schedule your appointment
Mail order is available. Please contact in advance for details via phone or email.  A deposit will be required on all shipped quilts.

Quilt Pricing

Edge to Edge 1.5¢ per square inch
Basic overall patttern including, meandering, meandering with a simple design for example: hearts, stars, etc.

Edge to Edge with an overall freehand design 1.8¢ per square inch
This includes swirls, flowers, wonky feathers, overall leaf patterns etc.

Semi-Custom 2.0¢ per square inch
Border pattern is different than the overall quilting done on the main part of the quilt

Custom Design 2.5¢ per square inch
Individual patterns or motifs for blocks, separate patterns for sashing or borders, feathers. Designs that incorporate the pattern printed on the fabric.

Heirloom-starting at 3.0¢ per square inch Designs beyond custom quilting.

Thread Charge

Basic charge $5.00 per quilt
Color change $3.50 per color change
Variegated or Mono Filament Threads $8.00
Specialty Threads $10.00

Measuring Quilt Size

1. Measure the width of the quilt in inches
(ex: 45 inches)
2. Measure the length of the quilt in inches
(ex: 60 inches)
3. Multiply the length x width to get square inches
(ex: 45 x 60 = 2700 inches)
4. Multiply square inches x price = estimated price
(2700 x .015) = $40.50