I will be posting a series of tips on different types of feathers. Since it is still February, I thought some heart feathers would be appropriate.  Nicole Webb has a style of feathers that she calls Nuveau Feathers. The first part of this video shows her quilting the Nuveau Feathers and the second half of the video shows her heart style of feathers. Although she is quilting using a longarm, you can also quilt these 2 feather variations on a domestic sewing machine.

I recommend practicing the heart feathers (or the other feathers) on paper or a white board first. Here is a picture of my first attempt on paper to draw her style of heart feathers. I did have to stop to erase a few times. It’s a lot easier to erase on paper than it is to rip out sewing.

my attempt to draw Nuveau Heart Feathers